The Darkest Knight - Violent Human Nature

Well I just got done reading an opinionated article in the LA Times entitled:

The Big Picture: A Message too ‘Dark’ for all?

While I give credit to the article for giving it’s opinion on how images and propaganda can influence violence I do not believe that it can cause or create images or actions of violence in anyone. 

Just to get something straight, humans are violent in nature. For centuries we have gawked at the sight of violence to humans, animals, plants, etc. Whether you like to admit it or not at some point in your life you have been subdued to having a type of violent nature. Of course this type of violent nature can increase or decrease from person to person, but the fact is, we are all violent.

Now since that point is clear, people that create art that has a violent background is nothing that has been unheard of. This form of art can come in a variety of ways, for example, music, books, movies, paintings, etc. All these forms can be violent in nature and can influence violence in someone else. Take for example the book ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu which he considered:

War is a necessary evil that must be avoided whenever possible. War is like fire; people who do not lay down their arms will die by their arms. The war should be fought swiftly to avoid economic losses: “No long war ever profited any country: 100 victories in 100 battles is simply ridiculous. Anyone who excels in defeting his enemies triumphs before his enemy’s threat become real. One must avoid massacres and atrocities because this can provoke resistance and possibly allow enemy to turn the war in his favor. For the victor, the best policy is to capture the state intact; it should be destroyed only if no other options are available.

While this is book is veered as one of the best strategic ways of fighting a war, it is still very violent in nature. You can see how these words alone, are targeted toward a specific type of environment, but how easily they can be manipulated and misconstrued. The creation of this ‘art’ is used to help in realizing the depths of war. It’s necessity because all people are evil or in the non-believers case violent. 

Now in immenent rebuttle would be that this book hasn’t been under propaganda and that it would have created more damage to people if it would have been advertised more. My argument to that is whether or not this would have had a million dollars of attention opposed to a dollars worth of attention wouldn’t stop someone from killing or creating violence.

Let’s put it in the perspective that people can truly begin to believe what they see because what they see is what they see in daily life if that makes any sense. For example we see political revolts all the time in the news. All over the world and for hundreds of years we have seen so many people revolt and become violent due to oppression. 

I see violence as a vicious cycle that will never end no matter where you try to hide. It doesn’t matter whether you turn off your television set, stop reading books, turn off your radio, or if you shield your eyes from the world. Violence will one day find you. Now am I saying that everyone should just subdue to it and become violent because experiencing violence is inevitable? No. I am not. What I firmly believe is that we as a people should not become ignorant to the violence that is around us. We should educate ourselves into understanding why there is violence and by doing so we can help others understand that even though there is violence we don’t have to be subdued by it. It may not save the world but it can surely save a lot more lives.

Now some people look at these last few batman films and say the imagery is too dark and that it can stir up evil. Well to be completely frank, The Communist Manifesto, revered to be one of history’s most influential books, and in theory could quite possibly be the best type of government, ignited revolutions throughout the soviet era, world war II and now. So if these revolutions and killings were so great why are these communist countries one of the worst countries to live in? The reason is us as humans. We go towards our inherent nature when things are given. We make our reality something else. It’s not the art or the imagery of art. It’s what we make of it that becomes our reality. It’s the separation of our knowing of what is fiction and what is non-fiction. What is accepted and what is not accepted. What we were taught from our beginning or what influenced us to become what we are. But we tend to always see our present. We tend to think that this is something new. Our world will never eradicate violence as long as humans continue to be violent in nature.

If you look deeper into the meaning of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ film it is basically showing what our world can inevitably become. Yes in this country we have rights, but it is safe to say that revolts can come. We are no better than a country that has had revolts. As a society we have become ‘dumb’ or better put ‘numb’ into thinking that our country could never be hurt from within. This is why I say be steadfast and know the difference. Do not succumb to an ideology that you are safe within your quarters.

So I implore my brothers and sisters, equip yourself. Do not be ignorant of the world around you. Understand the evil that surrounds you and be steadfast when it reaches you. Help others become aware of this evil and help them to understand the difference between fictional realities. So I take a quote from the new Batman movie “Rise” above the people that are too afraid to see the violent world we live in and help others understand that their reality doesn’t always have to be.

A great article I just read by Jason Alexander is perfect example of examining the violent world we live in. It’s talks about how we should eradicate high powered assault rifles and the difference between them and smaller types of weapons. Trying to eradicated all weapons would be useless. Finding the center in this already messed up world is now necessary. Give it a read:

Jason Alexander - TwitLonger

Well, I know many of you have different opinions, and believe me you are entitled to them. Do I support violence? No. Does this make me less of a Christian? No. I still love my God and hold stead fast just how his word says in Eph 6:10-20

Love you all. God Bless


I don’t want to grow up. (Taken with Instagram at Newport Beach, CA)

I don’t want to grow up. (Taken with Instagram at Newport Beach, CA)


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